Sgt. Slaughter
This 25th anniversary version of the G.I.Joe wrestler was only sold at ComicCon 2010 in San Diego. Another figure many collectors want, but Sgt. Slaughter is simply too expensive or too hard to get for many fans.
I hope that Hasbro brings it to the storeshelfs someday. After all, every Joe fan deserves the chance to buy an affordable Sgt. Slaughter!



Quick-Kick, a former stuntman, became the new G.I.Joe infiltration specialist in 1985. His military specialties: infantry, intelligence, and silent weapons. It should add hyperthermia specialist, ’cause he’s able to fight with bare feet and chest in any season under any weather conditions.
He was a nice advisary against Storm Shadow and replaced  Spirit in this role. In artic conditions (and in the outfit shown on the picture) he kicked Storm Shadow’s butt (although if you follow the cartoon series).
I believe this figure is ‘slightly’ inspired by Bruce Lee. The figure would probably be more suiting in a Mortal Kombat action figure line. Marvel decided he was not populair enough to keep him alive and so Quick-Kick was mowed down in the comic book serie by a SAW-Viper (with many other joes).
The figure shown on the picture is hard to get. It was one of the figures from the DVD figure 4-pack ‘The Pyramid of Darkness’. Approximately: $20.
Rating: 7.5